Perth Greyhounds

Perth Greyhound racing is a fast and furious event where races generally last no more than a minute and come thick and fast over the course of the evening. The dogs can draw large crowds and appeal to not only seasoned punters, but for the whole family.

There are three tracks in Perth, which once again given the vast distance between Perth and the Eastern territories, Perth Greyhounds have survived not because of the large population surrounding them, but because of their own merit.

The main track for the Perth Greyhounds is Cannington, however with tracks at Mandurah and Northam there are plenty of opportunities.

Betting on the Perth Greyhounds is simple with the choice of win, win/place, trifecta and quartet betting on all events. Races are held twice a week and are given a city grade classification.

With over 2000 people in Western Australia along who enjoy a bet down at the track, it will come as no surprise that many of the 600 Australian online bookmakers cover events such as the Perth Greyhounds.

Cannington Park

The Perth Greyhounds that run at Cannington Park are some of the best races in the business. The track can accommodate races over a variety of distances, from 297m and 530m all the way up to the longer races of 642m, 715m and even 744m.

Established in 1974 and governed by the Western Australia Greyhound Racing Association, the Perth greyhounds are a perfect place to have a flutter. With city grade races being the main feature.

The sandy track at Cannington Park is 446.5-meters in total circumference with four different starting gate positions

The Perth Greyhounds are broadcast live across Australia, which has opened the Perth Greyhounds to the world of Internet wagering. Meaning the popularity of the sport continues to grow.

The main event of the Perth Greyhounds season has to be the Perth Cup and Galaxy, both events are sponsored by SKY and are held the same night.


Originally launched in the 1970′s the Perth Greyhounds at Mandurah had a complete overhaul and reopened in 2006.

While the track only hosts provincial and country grade races, the track itself is larger in Circumference than its more famous neighbour Cannington Park.

With a circumference of 599 meters and a width of 6 meters, Mandurah Park offers some very tempting Perth Greyhound action, and the lower classification of its races, makes it a good choice for the odd online flutter.

The provincial grade meetings are on Tuesday and Friday evenings, while Thursdays are reserved for the country classifications. All the events are broadcast live on SKY television.

With a separate starting gate for each of the four distances run at the course, 302m / 405m / 492m / 647m, the action provided by these Perth Greyhounds defies its class.


The Perth Greyhounds at Northam hold something of a novelty. Opened in 1996, the track is actually based within the confines of the trotting track of the same name. Northam was the first dual usage racecourse in the history of Western Australia.

The track itself is a clay based surface and provides a challenge to the Perth Greyhounds that race on it. All races held here are in the country classification with the emphasis being based on giving the centre stage to younger and lower rated Perth Greyhounds. This means that it is not a quality issue that keeps the events lower rated, but simply the level of experience, and when racing with a field of younger dogs, the action is guaranteed to have betters on the edge of their seat, whether track side, through the TAB systems offered, or online.

With races staged at 297m / 509m / 588m / 721m, from one of the three designated starting areas, the Perth Greyhounds at Northam are guaranteed to please any audience.

SKY Perth Cup Carnival

This event is the jewel in the crown of the Perth Greyhound season and is held at Cannington Park Race Track

First held in 1976 it went under the name of the Gold Cup, and over the years it has been developed into one of the most highly regarded Greyhound races on the calendar.

The carnival consisted of Perth Greyhounds competing for the Perth Cup and also the Galaxy competition. The Perth cup is a race for the true sprinters in the Perth Greyhound community, run over a distance of 530m, it is always fiercely contested and well worth a flutter.

Heats are held over the course of the season with the top two dogs moving forwards from each heat.

The prize for the best Perth Greyhound in this cup is a staggering $140,000 dollars and with money like that it is no surprise that the Perth Greyhounds draw such a crowd.

SKY Galaxy

The Galaxy competition is a real test of a Perth Greyhound’s ability held over 715m and with $80,000 dollars going to the winner, this competition is rapidly growing in not only the calibre of the competitors but also in stature across the country.

This race forms an integral part of the Perth Cup and is rapidly becoming a highlight on the Perth Greyhounds calendar, and with many major bookmakers taking bets on the event; it has sufficient space left to grow.


As the sports industry continues to grow and reach farther a field so will the need and call for online betting.

The Perth Greyhounds are the perfect combination for successful growth of online betting. The great ability of the animals that compete within the Perth Greyhounds is cause enough for the odd online flutter, but it is the large distances that separate Perth from the Eastern cities that provides the biggest appeal to online punters.

The fast and furious nature of the Perth Greyhounds means that you can easily miss a race should you be delayed somehow, and with many races being held during afternoon sessions, it is not always possible for people to attend. Thankfully, the surge of Internet betting shops, which now stands at over 600 means that there is always a way to place a bet.

With action of the Perth Greyhounds at all three of the territory’s stadiums being broadcast Australia wide on television, the market is there for people across the country to hop online and place a bet. In years gone by this would not have been possible, but now such is the abundance of online betting facilities that punters needn’t search long before finding the race they are looking for, and with such a large number of companies all offering different things to draw the punters in, it is often cheaper to wager online, and take advantage of the numbers free bets or doubled up bets that are on offer.